Where cows, chickens, goats, pigs, donkeys and horses cause traffic, it’s difficult not to take your time. Coffee Bay is the tourism hub of the gorgeous Transkei and the perfect place for you to unwind. The vast open space and relaxing mood is what makes the Transkei so very special. When you visit us at Sugarloaf backpackers there is a number of leisure activities you can take part in. Coffee Bay beach! Head out of our gate, over the road and past the Coffee Bay campsite, which is a beautiful Milkwood forest, and you’ll amble across the Mnenga river onto[...]
Experience South African Culture
The Transkei is more than just a tourist destination. It’s a place where you can experience the roots of the Xhosa culture, which is one of the many tribes that make up the South African nation. .     Our Cultural experience is varying set of activities. Learn about the local Xhosa culture while you are on holiday in Coffee Bay! We offer Village tours, drum-making and drum playing workshops. We can organize hikes through the villages which includes explanations about how the community gatherings work and so forth. We can organize a dinner in the village on Friday nights.[...]
Diving and Snorkeling
Under the sea, and among the rocks, you will find a plectora of sea life. When you look very closely, you will notice that the true beauty of the Transkei is hidden in the crevices of the coastline. Staying at sugarloaf gives you direct access to gear and information surrounding the underwater life that thrives along the wild coast. You could come across Crayfish which hide in underwater caves, or the magical looking, deathly lionfish who can be found in the rock pools. There are starfish of all shapes and sizes and let’s not forget the ‘lekker’ cob which hunts[...]
Available on request. Please enquire at the office. Catch your dinner with our experienced fishing guides, taste the traditional kob, line fish and try your hand at catching a succulent crayfish or two, perfect for the braai. Our fishing guides have years of experience and will show you the best spots to sink your lines. This is one of the best ways to experience the Wild Coast and experience the thrill of catching your own food. Head back to Sugarloaf to celebrate your catch and cook up a storm on the braai or ask our 5* chef to cook your[...]
Hiking, walking and exploring the Wild Coast.
The Transkei is not only a breath taking landscape, it is also a culturally wealthy and respect orientated area. Hiking in the Transkei The greatest attraction of the Transkei is the pristine hikes along the coast and in land to the villages. We offer day trips every day that the weather allows (we have on average 300+ days of sunshine per year). These range from beach outings to cultural experiences, adventurous abseiling drops and coastal hikes with qualified guides. Here’s some of the activities you can do: Most people come to the Transkei for the pristine coastal hikes. Besides the[...]
Surf’s up and the Coffee is hot. The sun is rising, you can hear the waves breaking from your bed. Pinks, oranges and yellows light up the sky. Enjoy a cup of coffee while you watch the waves roll down Coffee Bay point. Let your hair down, you’re on the Wild Coast. Coffee Bay main beach has super fun waves that break off the point and shifting beach breaks that cater to amateurs and professionals.   Learn to Surf Our whole crew surfs, or at least tries to. We have a qualified surf instructor among us and if he isn’t[...]