Hiking, walking and exploring the Wild Coast.

The Transkei is not only a breath taking landscape, it is also a culturally wealthy and respect orientated area.

Hiking in the Transkei

The greatest attraction of the Transkei is the pristine hikes along the coast and in land to the villages. We offer day trips every day that the weather allows (we have on average 300+ days of sunshine per year). These range from beach outings to cultural experiences, adventurous abseiling drops and coastal hikes with qualified guides. Here’s some of the activities you can do:
Most people come to the Transkei for the pristine coastal hikes. Besides the cultural experience, these hikes boast untouched natural rolling hill landscape that drop as sheer cliffs into the ocean. The hills are scattered with

Hole in the Wall

A scenic hike from Coffee Bay along the pristine wild coast, you will pass White Clay, the Baby Hole in the wall, Hlungwane Waterfall. Hole In The Wall is a spectacular natural feature carved out of a huge mass of rock by millions of years of pounding waves.

Simply enjoy the beach and your tasty toasties before having a dip in one of the world’s most beautiful lagoons. If conditions are right, the brave can attempt an adrenalin-pumping, wave-assisted jump into the hole. The trip ends with a bone-rattling 4×4 ride back to the Shack.


A spectacular day spent picking your way down goat paths where the cliffs meet the ocean. Venture through caves & hidden pathways and find cave pools, shells to collect and mind-blowing cliff jumps (optional).

Spend the afternoon relaxing on the beach with lunch and a cooler box before doing a final river jump and heading back to Coffee Shack.


Experience a way of life far removed from yours by roaming the hills with one of our guides. He’ll introduce you to his home village, where you can sample the local food and consult the herbalist or perhaps the witchdoctor, who’ll throw the bones for you. End the day trip with a session at the local shebeen (unlicensed drinking establishment), where the bravest can try the African beer, and the rest can have a more normal soft-drink.

By Tshezi Activities